Corpus Toneelkritiek Interbellum

ctiCorpus Toneelkritiek Interbellum aims to collect a large corpus of documents from Flemish inter-war theatre (500+ documents; 1,000,000+ words). It consists of reviews and other short texts on theatre (such as essays and lectures), coming from diverse sources (newspapers, specialized theatre journals, and book collections of reviews).

Some well-known critics of the Flemish interbellum period will be strongly represented in the corpus, such as Willem Putman, Lode Monteyne, and Victor J. Brunclair.

The source publications of the corpus include periodicals such as Hooger Leven, Het Vlaamsche Land, Averbode’s Weekblad, Ons Volk Ontwaakt, De Ploeg, Tooneelgids (1921-1940), Tooneelleven (1934-1944), Pogen, Het Tooneel (1915-1940), Pelgrim, Het Vlaamsche Land, Jong Dietschland (1927-1933), and Ruimte.